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Ludwig Borgella

Ludwig Borgella hails from New York City. He feels fortunate to be living in such a great city because it puts him right in an eventful environment where sceneries, events and personalities are endless. So, whether he is on a paid assignment or on his own adventure, he keeps his finger on the trigger hoping to get that next perfect picture.

Photography was never his first choice as a profession. It took him a serious effort to get through his business major in college. Further, he dragged his way through graduate school with no excitement along the way. Somehow, photography found him and when it did, he knew right away that it was his calling. Laziness, boredom and tiredness were no longer in his vocabulary when it came to taking pictures. Since then, he has been on a quest to discover more about it and acquire more skills. So, he puts himself on the line by dreaming of big things and aiming for incredible heights in the field…

When he is not on a photography assignment, he may be in the photo lab at the university where he is pursuing his next photography degree. Otherwise, he is spending time with the loves of his life: his daughter and son.

He pays close attention to great and well-known photographers and uses them as models. That can only help him in evolving his vision. His camera stays attached to him at all time ready to strike whenever a great scene would surge on his path. Be on the lookout! The next click might be on you!